Is the Deal Dead?

Every real estate transaction is different, and there are many variables that can affect the deal. Your clients rely on you to provide answers at every turn. A situation involving a death of a property owner can raise many questions. What happens to property if the owner dies without a will? What is probate, and can it be avoided? This seminar will provide you with a basic understanding of probate as it relates to real estate.

Topics include:

  • What is a Will?
  • What Happens to Your Real Estate if You Die Without a Will?
  • What Happens to Real Estate if Husband and Wife Die Together?
  • What Happens to Real Estate if You Die Without a Will and Have No Heirs?
  • Who Can Make a Will?
  • Execution of a Will
  • Forced Heir Statute
  • What is Probate?
  • Avoiding Probate
  • Transferring Real Estate Out of Probate
  • Transfers Through Probate
  • Death of a Seller

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